Supervision for the Construction of four Photovoltaic Greenfield Power Plants in Burkina Faso

Intec has joined forces with Rina to perform the supervision for the construction of four photovoltaic greenfield power plants in Burkina Faso comprising: 42 MWp in North-West of Ouagadougou including 8 MWh storage capacity and 35 km connection power line, 6 MWp in Dori (Sahel region at north), 2 MWp in Diapaga (Eastern region) and 1 MWp in Gaoua (South-western region).

Funded by l’Agence Francaise de Développement (AFD) and African Development Bank (AfDB) to the benefit of SONABEL (National utility company), the four solar farms are part of an ambitious national project named Yeleen aiming to strengthen sustainable power production both at a national and regional level and including a distribution densification program improving energy access in rural areas.

Intec’s role is to supervise the engineering, procurement and construction of each power plants divided into six lots attributed to five consortium of contractors from Egypt, China, India and Spain. Engineering revision process will be managed through Data Management System (DMS) developed by intec with support of IT.
The total duration of the project (42 months) is divided into three phases: engineering (3 months), procurement and construction (15 months), warranty and operation (24 months). Local partner, SECAM, and GOPA group subsidiary, GOPA Infra, will support the project in managing all logistic and safety requirements during phases two and three, especially transportation from Ouagadougou and accommodation on construction sites of both national and international experts.