Renewable Energy

Protection of environment and resources are our priorities

One of the key global energy trends of the recent decades, and of the future, is a shift from a fossil/nuclear based energy supply towards renewable energies. Replacing fossil fuels with renewable energies to cover society’s increasing demand is more environmentally friendly, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and is increasingly competitive. It offers many other benefits, such as independence from energy imports, creation of local jobs and other socio-economic benefits too.

intec's key expertise in renewable energies lies in electricity generation as well as heat/cold supply systems, dis-playing extensive competence in all major renewable energy resources, and the relevant or corre-sponding energy conversion technologies.

Our services are easily extended in ways to handle the growing challenge of integrating renewable energy systems into existing structures. This is through a combination of intec's additional expertise in network design and conventional power generation, transmission and distribution technology and concepts, non-technical related associated business areas such as energy policy, planning, capacity building etc.

We consider all environmental, social, health and safety aspects of our renewable energy projects throughout the entire project cycle in ESIAs, ESMPs, and in supervision/monitoring the ESMPs implementation.

By promoting renewable energies, intec supports its customers in meeting international and national targets set by the Kyoto Protocol (UNFCCC, 2005) and by the Paris Agreement (UNFCCC, 2015) to reduce emission of greenhouse gases and mitigate climate change.

Renewable Energy_Photovoltaic-&-CSR

The conversion of sunlight into electricity, either directly using photovoltaics (PV), or indirectly using concentrated solar power (CSP) represents a clean alternative to electricity compared fossil fuels. The economics of solar power, particularly PV, have undergone a dramatic change in the last decade. Solar is therefore regarded as a major driver of the transition to cleaner energy.

intec is a proven specialist in both technologies. We have highly-qualified engineers, consultants and experts in all relevant aspects of PV and CSP.

We offer professional services for the study and design of solar power generation including connection to electrical networks, (extra-)high-voltage transmission networks, as well as to distribution networks connecting consumers at low-voltages (mini, micro and nano-grids and solar home systems (SHS)). This is accomplished through the use of professional, modern and internationally renowned software for project planning and design, and assess results in clear and comprehensible formats to comply the most rigorous professional standards.

intec is fully acquainted with solar resource analyses and yield assessments, (pre-) feasibility and due diligence studies, tendering and contracting procedures (EPC and IPP), and the related consultancy services for tender document preparation, bid evaluation and contract negotiation support, design vetting/review and supervision/monitoring during construction/commissioning.


Renewable Energy_Wind-energy

Wind energy has achieved economic competitiveness at numerous sites, favourable wind conditions notwithstanding, in many regions of the world primarily driven by a surge of innovation in recent decades. As one of the fastest growing renewable energy technology markets globally, wind power has a bright future ahead.

intec is able to provide a full package that takes into account not only the wind turbines, but also all the necessary grid connection facilities and all other infrastructure needed alongside wind energy projects. This is achieved by combining synergies throughout the company coupled with our extensive expertise in distribution and transmission networks.

Our expertise covers the latest and most innovative large scale wind turbine types in small and large scale grid connected wind parks, as well as small wind turbine technology for rural areas and/or isolated sites.

intec provides professional support for wind power during all stages, from site identification, the (pre-)feasibility due diligence stage up to the construction and commissioning of wind farms. Integral to this is including wind measurement campaigns, energy yield assessments, turbine selection and complete wind park design, tendering (EPC and IPP), contract support, design vetting/review and construction and commissioning supervision/monitoring.

In summary, we are committed to the development of wind energy to the highest standards. We will work together closely with our clients towards a cleaner and brighter tomorrow for humanity.


Renewable Energy_Biomasse

Biomass-to-energy (BtE) and waste-to-energy (WtE) technologies are alternative forms of energy production - mainly the generation of electricity and heat/steam - using a wide band of qualities and quantities of available biomass or waste. WtE has the further advantage of securing the hygienic disposal of waste together with intense volume reduction.


While biomass is organic material that derives from plants and animals, and thus a renewable source of energy, WtE plants might also use non-organic fractions of the waste next to the organic part. Project size differs from small scale solutions (e.g. micro-grid power generation) up to large industrial scale solutions, mainly connected to the high voltage network. 


intec offers professional consulting services for BtE and WtE projects, from resource analysis, (pre) feasibility studies including basic design, due diligence studies, tendering and contracting procedures (EPC and IPP), design vetting/review, supervision/monitoring of construction/commissioning and assistance during operation phase. The services are provided for all kinds of clients e.g. lenders and owners of the projects but also authorities, states and utilities.



Hydroelectric power is the technique of harnessing the power of water flow to create electricity, It is still the world’s leading source of renewable energy in terms of contribution to society’s electricity demand.

intec focuses its expertise in the hydropower sector on small hydropower plants (pico, micro, mini and small) up to medium-scale plants. Our expertise covers the full cycle of hydropower project development, from the (pre-) feasibility studies and initial site assessment, to the preparation of tender documents and owner’s engineering services during the construction and commissioning phase. intec also prepares hydrological analysis and modelling and due diligence studies, performs geotechnical investigation, and assists the client in tendering and contracting procedures (EPC and IPP), and during the operational phase.

Building on its cumulated international experience, flexible approach and wide global network of technical partners, intec provides bespoke solutions matching clients’ needs while adhering to state-of-the-art practices and technologies. Taking full advantage of our experience and collective know-how in power systems, we are able to provide our clients a complete range of engineering services from the production of hydraulic energy to its transfer to consumers.


Renewable Energy_Energy-storage

To overcome the challenge of the growing share of fluctuating renewable energy, and to increase electrification rates, hybrid renewable energy systems and energy storage must be a vital part of future electricity systems.

intec has the experience and knowledge to offer professional engineering services for electrical energy storage systems and the implementation of hybrid renewable energy systems. This ranges from site selection and (pre-) feasibility studies to system design, tendering, as well as supervision of implementation. It even includes the provision of operational advice, rehabilitation and modernisation.

For energy storage this includes all types of storage systems (batteries, thermal storage, pumped hydro) and utilisation cases such as demand shifting, peak reduction, frequency regulation, voltage support, T&D congestion relief and generally variable resource integration.

On the power generation part of the hybrid system, we take into account all currently available technologies including PV or CSP, wind turbines, hydropower, bio power and diesel based power generation.

A particular focus of our activities within renewable energy based hybrid systems is on hybrid systems in mini grids utilised for rural electrification in developing and emerging countries. Our expertise in renewable energy based electricity generation, power distribution expertise and energy storage know-how is an ideal combination to find the best possible solutions for the integration of renewable energy technologies into existing or new minigrids. Additionally, to execute fully integrated mini-grid projects containing high renewable energy shares.  

Our goal is to support the joint effort for stable and reliable electrification in a sustainable manner. This is ensured by our commitment to use our experience for our clients and society as a whole.