Sustainable Energy

A modern energy system is more than technology

A clear vision of how available resources are used on our planet today is crucial to ensure the long-term development of our economies. Nonetheless, said resources are impacted significantly by climate change. A strong commitment from the international community in favour of transformational projects provides opportunities to take appropriate and crucial actions.

In the field of sustainable energy, intec’s key expertise lies within the economic and financial valuation of energy investment opportunities. The development of sustainable and strategic options at national and regional levels is part and parcel of our services. intec’s sustainability assurance is founded on the pillars of technical, economic, environmental and strategic expertise.

We provide expertise in economic and financial analysis for energy projects plus programmes aimed at providing decision makers with focused analytics and information. Our tools include economic analysis, finance and asset management, energy and environmental auditing, energy planning and development. This expertise is provided throughout the entire energy sector.

Our expertise is strongly focused on the needs of our clients to achieve a more sustainable and efficient use of energy resources. Our vast understanding of energy technologies, as well as their economic/financial viability, and our ability to consider their specific environmental, social, health and safety aspects makes intec an invaluable advisor.

With strong expertise on strategy and finance, we are in the position to provide comprehensive approaches to international green funds and sustainable energy financing facilities.

Energy economics

Electricity sector project studies, independently from their technical field, require an assessment of the potential demand for services. Economic and financial profitability from different perspectives are also necessary.

intec's experts in energy economics assist clients in promoting their projects from the initial feasibility study to the conclusion of financing arrangements with banks and investors. Our services include the elaboration of economic and financial modelling and analyses, business plans and tariff studies for electricity transmission and distribution lines, renewable energy and energy efficiency investments.

Energy sector projects often entail common challenges and especially for private developers:

  • High upfront costs
  • Limited equity and access to credit
  • Limited capacity to pay for electricity services by customers


intec experts propose innovative business models to meet such challenges, including appropriate tariff settings, e.g. binomial, consumption-, capacity- and service based tariffs as well as adequate financing approaches, be it the classic bank loan, leasing solutions, pay-as-you-go schemes, etc. taking into consideration the specific project context.

Sustainable Energy - master-plan

Governments around the world have formulated policies aimed at decarbonising their energy mix, and increasing energy access through the use of local and clean energy sources; especially in the recent years. In addition, other factors such as energy security, job creation and industrial development often play an important role in the way policy goals are set in the sector. These goals call for the design and assessment of short-, medium- and long-term energy strategies to pave the way for the emergence of a modern and robust energy sector. This includes identifying lowest-cost strategies, which can deliver on the policy vision, and calculating their cost compared to business-as-usual scenarios.

In close collaboration with its local partners, intec offers worldwide professional services for the implementation of such strategies through the design of energy master plans for, inter alia, large industrial facilities, municipalities, as well as regional or national governments. While we provide energy master plans for the entire energy sector, our special focus lies on the power sector. Here, one of our specialties is the analysis and modelling of renewable energy integration into the traditional energy mix.

Demand Analysis and Forecasts: intec's experts are used to conducting demand assessment as well as demand and load forecasts based on different qualitative and quantitative approaches. Depending on the preferences of clients and availability of data, forecasts based on historical data, econometrical approaches, field surveys and focus group interviews are regularly applied by intec including the evaluation of results based on modern statistical methods.


intec supports:

  • Assessment of renewable or other indigenous energy potentials
  • Development of integrated energy strategies adapted to the goals set and the scale of intervention
  • Lowest cost power system expansion planning
  • Lowest cost transmission & distribution system expansion planning
  • Development of implementation plans, incl. generation fleet and network planning integration of decentralised renewable energy sources plus network studies
  • Monitoring, measuring, and evaluating implementation progress.




Sustainable Energy - training-capacity-building

No other sector has undergone so many technological, institutional and economic transformations than the energy sector in recent years. For these reasons, people and organisations in this sector need to adapt their knowledge to all innovations and new challenges: both rigorously and rapidly. This requires our clients to broaden their fields of expertise and enable more flexible approaches and processes in their intervention. How can these newly acquired competences and processes be managed? A strong capacity development strategy is the key.

intec supports public and private institutions worldwide from day one by providing curricula development concepts and strategies in all their technical and non-technical fields of expertise. This includes the integration of all energy organisations such as power suppliers and distributors, regulators, ministers as well as national training institutions.

Apart from concepts and strategies, intec’s trainers are highly specialised experts in the energy sector who combine technical project experience with simplification know-how, thus guaranteeing that knowledge from practical and field tested approaches is conveyed. intec’s fields of expertise cover renewable and conventional energies, organisational and infrastructure processes as well as restructuring.

From individuals to organisations and from skills to effectiveness, intec is the right partner to support a fitting capacity development project.

Sustainable Energy - Legal advisory services

Governments around the world are aiming to increase their use of clean, native energy sources to d-versify their energy mix and increase energy security, while improving citizens’ access to electricity. To drive this change, governments intend to find ways to enable and foster private sector investments in modern clean energy; making it viable for investors and bringing long-term benefits to people.

For this purpose, governments need to adapt their laws and regulations related to diverse electricity delivery models, ranging from large RE plants or decentralised renewable energy for grid-connected systems, to smart mini-grids, or solar home systems for off-grid options, or even for other energy efficiency or energy saving measures.

Globally, intec supports utilities, ministries, regulatory authorities and power pools in:

  • Strengthening and reforming institutional frameworks to improve the sector’s management
  • Creating national frameworks for third party access and wheeling to enable private sector partici-pation
  • Drafting and reviewing laws or regulations such as national grid codes
  • Drafting standard contracts, such as Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and grid connection agreements for Independent Power Producers (IPPs)
  • Designing tariff structures that support universal energy access and enabling renewable energy development through equitable financial compensations
  • Building expertise within public agencies to increase efficiency in operational and financial man-agement.
Sustainable Energy - energy-efficiency

The increasing demand for energy in developing countries is often a decisive factor when opting for technologies that can be implemented quickly. This can lead to a waste of resources with the potential for costly implications. In order to improve the capability of beneficiary countries to make the right choices for their energy resources, intec provides them the following services:

  • Support for industry and commerce to improve their profitability through adequate energy efficiency solutions
  • Establish comprehensive energy management systems
  • Energy auditing in the industrial, the commercial and the residential sector
  • Introduce a sustainable system of energy labelling for household goods
  • Develop suitable methods to increase the energy performance of the private and public sector.