Vision & Mission

As a dynamic and innovative team of engineers and consulting specialists, we are dedicated to providing professional solution around the world for an efficient, reliable power supply and renewable based power generation. We do this by integrating all relevant aspects, from the use of the latest technologies, the integration of economic, financial and policy instruments, as well as the development and establishment of environmental, social, health & safety management systems. 

Our vision

intec's vision is to be the go-to energy consultant of choice in current and future markets.

We place great value our customers and employees in order to provide efficient, environmentally friendly solutions for humanity.

Our strong performance means that intec is recognised as a leading member within the GOPA Consulting Group – performance partner for a better tomorrow.


Our mission

As a globally operational consulting company, we are guided by the firm conviction that our mission is to support our clients in managing their risks while protecting human health and the environment

We do this by delivering strategic, sustainable and technically sound services. It is with this mentality that our employees work day by day to implement our corporate vision and demonstrate consistency in everything they do. This applies when working on local projects or in very complex multinational programmes.


intec develops strategies and technological tools in order to bring or improve energy everywhere whether developing countries and emerging markets. With every project we realise together with our customers, the visions turn into reality.

intec responds to clients' individual needs and guarantees the best possible solution. They are at the centre of everything we do – both in the solutions we offer and the way we conduct our business.

The principles of a climate-friendly energy supply such as sustainability, economic efficiency, envi-ronmental and social compatibility plus innovation form the basis of our work.

intec conducts its business with full respect to various cultural backgrounds and in compliance with all applicable laws, standards, and regulations. Our employees in headquarters and branch offices operate as one company and one team. Every team member, as well as our freelancers, are integrat-ed into a fair and transparent company culture.

Our core values




Bringing new solutions to meet individual requirements


Delivering extra-ordinary services to our clients with longevity firmly in mind

Team work

Performing together in the best way


Doing what we do with diligence and quality


We trust in ourselves so our clients can trust in our services

Our purpose

We provide consultancy for electrical infrastructure projects in the overall energy sector – reliable and with highest quality.

We focus on the transmission and distribution of electricity including renewable based power generation.

We make energy systems more efficient.

Our scope includes technical, environmental, social, health & safety, economic & financial, policy and regulatory advice.

We specialise in developing countries and emerging markets.